Hannah Eddy


Hannah Eddy is based in Reno, NV nestled close to the Sierra Nevada mountains which she loves exploring.  As a snowboard, skate, and surf enthusiast, she is constantly inspired by seeking adventure outdoors and helping to protect our playground.  Hannah uses fun colors and a lighthearted illustrative style to evoke a playful interaction with nature.  In her work, you’ll see a mixture of abstract lines, forms, and colors creating dreamy imaginative landscapes along with funky females embracing the natural world and feeling the flow. She uses acrylic paint, pen and ink, and digital media on personal projects, commissions, brand collaborations, and client work.


Hannah’s art spreads positivity, encourages an appreciation and connection to nature, and helps remind us all to let our hair down and have a little fun.

For client work, brand collaborations, logo designs, commission artwork, or other projects please feel free to email: 


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